Why on earth do you use credits at checkout and how does it work?

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We get a lot of questions about why we use a "credit system" for the lockets instead of just a standard checkout. That said, we want to take a quick second to explain why we do it and how it's for your benefit.

First, for those of you who haven't ordered lockets before, how the system works is each locket has a base cost, as well as upgrade options with prices that are listed as credits instead of dollars. So for a standard Photo Locket with a photo on the front, and on the inside, plus the custom gift wrapping and shipping it's just 39 credits. For a Classic Locket with two photos, it's 32 credits. For additional upgrades, it's additional credits.

If your locket total is 39 credits, at the checkout you can just purchase 39 credits for $39 and then on the very next screen use those credits to order the locket. That's all pretty simple.  However, it's so simple you might ask if 1 credit is just equal to $1 "why even do credits then?"

Well, that's a good question and there are three main reasons.

1. So we can do sales.
Most of our users give the lockets away as surprise gifts to their clients, and they never know when they will want to order lockets. So with that in mind, it's hard for us to do any kind of sales as it wouldn't align with when YOU as the user would want to order lockets. So we designed the credit system so we can do a few sales a year and sell credits at a discount. Many of our users use these sales to get the credits at a discount and stock them up for the whole year. 

2. So we can keep our stock up.
Our lockets can't just be bought down at Walmart. We custom design and make all of our blank raw brass lockets from scratch outsourced to a brass factory we work with. However, from when we place an order till delivery is usually 3-4 months lead time. So the credit system also helps give us a feel as to how many lockets to keep in stock at one time.

3. So we can give you free credits.
We have an incentive program where when you refer new users to use Chasing Lockets (with the link at the bottom of your dashboard) you get 1 credit when they sign up, and 10 credits when they order their first locket. It's an easy way for you to earn free credits and free lockets for telling your photographer friends about Chasing Lockets.

That's it. Hopefull the credit system makes sense and we look forward to seeing you at our next sale!

- Chasing Lockets

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