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A. You can think of our credits system as similar to airline miles. Generally, one credit equals one dollar. But there are ways to get them for cheaper or free.

When you refer new users to use Chasing Lockets (with the link in your dashboard) you get 1 credit when they sign up, and 10 credits when they order their first locket. We also sometimes do sales where we will sell credits at discounts. People will often use these sales to stock up on a year worth of credits.

If you don't use credits, you can just check out with a credit card like normal.

Click HERE to learn more about credits. 

A. Each locket is custom handmade, so think "Album Company" rather than "Amazon Prime" when it comes to timing. Due to the complicated process of sealing the front photo in a permanent long term resin, it takes 2-7 work days from when you order the locket till it ships. You can choose to ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. On your account page, you can view when the locket goes into production, and you will get an email notification and tracking number when it ships.

A. We currently don't have an option to print individual photos. However, you can click this link to download a template showing how large the print needs to be when printed on a 4x6. 

A. We're sorry, we currently only ship to U.S.A. mailing addresses. 

A. Yes. Likely you are uploading Adobe RGB images instead of sRGB images. In general, for anything related to a web browser, it's best to use sRGB images. To ensure your images look the same printed as on your computer we only support sRGB at this time.

A. When dressing, jewelry should be the last on and first off. When not in use, store lockets and other jewelry in a closed case with silica packets. Lockets improve with age and will get darker enhancing their vintage finish over time.

Although lockets and photos are water-resistant, as with all jewelry, it is better to keep them dry. Avoid spray-on perfume, moisturizer, and other liquids or lotions.

Chains are designed to support the weight of the locket plus some light tugging. They will not support the weight of a dog, cat, or small child.

A. Not yet. When Chasing Lockets started, it was designed to send ALL the lockets directly to clients.  We have since discovered a lot of photographers like to receive them first and then hand deliver them, or include them with other items. We are still working on integrating a shopping cart into our custom built web app.

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