Black Friday 2017 Sale Details

Chasing Lockets
Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale
Starts at 7:00am PST on 11/24/17!

How the BLACK FRIDAY SALE works!

At 7:00 am PST on Black Friday our sale will go live with a limited number of special discount codes (these will be visible here when they launch). You can use the codes to buy credits at deep discounts as long as the deals last or midnight on Cyber Monday (whichever comes first). Once you have credits, you can redeem them anytime within the next year for lockets. 

At the same time as the sale starts our new classic lockets, as well as the keychain option, will go live on the order page. The new lockets will be available on a regular basis, but from Black Friday through December 15th, the new Classic Lockets will be available for a special introductory base price of only 29 credits each. Make sure to order before the deadline to get in on this deal! 

Introducing Our New Line of Lockets!

Lockets have always been about memories, secrets, and hidden stories.

With that in mind, we have created our NEW Classic Locket that goes back to this awesome tradition. Our new locket is a really simple piece with a hidden story inside...It's such a fun way to keep your loved ones close!

We've also added a keychain option which will be available both for the new Classic Locket, as well as with our original Photo Locket.

NEW Classic Locket on the Keychain

They keychain option makes this a perfect gift for men as well as women! Any man will love it for his anniversary, wedding, or Valentines Day featuring photos of his beautiful bride. It's a great gift when filled with family photos for a dad to receive on HIS birthday, Father's Day or Christmas. It's also such a thoughtful gift of comfort for anyone to receive after the death of a loved one as a way to keep their memories close.

NEW Classic Locket on a Regular Chain

The perfect locket for photos you want to keep private.

Photo Locket on the Key Chain

The perfect gift for Him or Her to to keep with them always!

Important Dates

November 22nd
- Announcing the Black Friday deals (via the email list)
November 24th
- Black Friday Sale starts 7:00 am PST!
- Limited deals on credits.
- Classic Lockets released
- Keychain option released.
November 28th - Dec 4th 
- Free Upgrades Week.
- Every locket ordered gets you entered in a drawing for 100 free credits.
December 15th
Last day orders are guaranteed before Christmas
December 16th- December 19th
Orders might still make it by Christmas but aren't guaranteed.

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