The Perfect Client Gift

Chasing Lockets is an invite-only service where professional photographers can create custom photo lockets with custom packaging to be sent as a surprise gift to their clients. You take the photos, we do the rest!

Why We Exist

At Chasing Lockets our WHY is the belief that we can help change the photo industry to one where everyone loves. By partnering with you as photographers, we can turn our field into a little part of the world where people care for their clients, their families, and each other.

What We Are

How We Work

Elizabeth, I'm super excited we get to photograph your wedding! Enjoy this little treasure from the engagement session!
- Fabulous Photography

Personal Note:

Chasing Lockets is an invite-only photographers service. Click the arrow to request an invite to get started

In addition to the default options, there are many extras available -- such as your logo printed on the note, multiple packaging choices, different chain lengths, etc.

Each locket includes your photos on the front and inside, a 24" chain, a display card, a pouch, gift wrapping, a handwritten note, and shipping

We make the locket, gift wrap it with your choices, handwrite your note and ship it to your client

Use our locket web tool to upload and place YOUR photos in a gold or silver locket

Write a note and choose your packaging options