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May we introduce you to the joys of client gifting?

Your photography clients are the people who allow you to do what you love! We want to make it fun and easy for you to continue to build those relationships by using our custom photo lockets as gifts. Keep scrolling to learn how!

Build Relationships

If you're looking for a way to strengthen your client and vendor connections and show some extra love, then our lockets might be just the thing for you. A little surprise gift can go a long way when it comes to relationship building!

Show Off Your Photos

Many clients who receive lockets treasure them for years and end up wearing them everywhere, posting photos to social media, and often tell their family and friends about the photos and photographer.

Fill Their Cup

When a client's cup is overflowing with love and goodwill from you, there is little room for negativity.

Quick and Simple

Don't spend what little time you have gathering branded packaging materials, shopping for gifts, and driving to the post office. Let us do it for you!

Match Your Brand

With a myriad of colors and styles, our packaging options are designed to allow you to match your brand.

By Photographers for Photographers

Chasing lockets was created by photographers Lukas & Suzy VanDyke after years of building their business through gifting.

How it Works

Chasing Lockets was created as a way to make client gifting easy. No more searching for the right color packaging, trying to put things together, and driving to the post office. Just a few minutes online and your custom gift is on its way!

Step One

Upload and crop your photos with our easy web tool.

Step Two

Choose packaging options that match your style and brand.

Step Three

We make the locket, package it up, and send it directly to you or your client.

What's Included?

Our options are designed so you can easily create a great gift that matches your brand. Either ship it to yourself or, even simpler, send it directly to your client!

Photo Lockets

Our photo lockets come in gold, silver, or rose gold. They are made with 14 grams of solid lead-free nickel-free brass. Each includes a photo on the front sealed in resin and your choice of one or two photos on the inside. They come with either a regular necklace chain or a keychain. Photo lockets are ideal for showing off photos and making the locket into a piece of art.

Classic Lockets

Our Classic Lockets also come in gold, silver, or rose gold with a clean and simple exterior. They are made with 14 grams of solid lead-free nickel-free brass. Each locket includes two photos on the inside of the locket and your choice of a regular necklace chain or a keychain. Classic lockets are best for private photos, memories, and secrets.

Packaging Options

With over 700 different combinations available, it's easy to choose a jewelry box, a colored crinkle paper, and an optional pouch to match your brand and style!

Handwritten Note

If you're shipping directly to a client, we can save you some time by adding a personal handwritten note with your text on it. We also have the option to add your logo to the note as a full-color custom letterhead.

Pricing Information

We're a custom "photographers only" service, and similar to most album companies we verify that each of our members is a photographer before revealing pricing. To get current pricing, the quickest way is to create an account. Once you're approved you can view pricing in your dashboard. Alternatively, you can email from your business email address and we can send you some basic information.


Some kind words from just a few of our many awesome users!

Susan Elizabeth

Something Blue by Susan Elizabeth

"I love gifting my clients with a locket after their engagement session! They literally freak out over them! It's great to give a future heirloom that they can share with their children and grandchildren one day. Many times the bride will wrap the locket around her bouquet on the wedding day, which is super sweet! The lockets are beautifully crafted and arrive quickly, packaged so nicely with the personalized note as well. Chasing Lockets is the way to go if you are looking for a great gift idea!"


Jasmine Norris-Dixson

Jasmine Norris Photography

Providing my clients with little gifts throughout their wedding photography experience is a big part of my client experience.  Chasing Lockets helps me provide my clients with a gorgeous locket with images from their engagement session.  Not only does Chasing Lockets have a beautiful product at a great price but it is packaged with great details like a handwritten note and drop shipped directly to my client.  It is an easy way to make my clients feel loved without taking up too much of my valuable time!  Bonus: clients LOVE the lockets and always send me notes of appreciation or share photos of their locket to their social media pages, it’s a win, win!


Jerrick O'Connor

Three16 Photography

"I have been using Chasing Lockets for about two years now.  I first heard about them at WPPI when I met Lukas and Suzy.  Over the last two years, it has been a blessing for my business to gift a Chasing Locket to our clients.  Truly I believe as a photographer it is not simply about the photos we take but also the impression we leave with our clients. I know every time I gift a locket to one of our clients it is something they truly treasure. Even more so I have recently gifted Chasing Lockets to clients or friends that have lost loved ones. The reactions I get remind me the value of a photograph and the treasure of being able to hold it close daily. Not only is Chasing Lockets a fabulous product but the community surrounding them is fantastic as well. I don't only value the benefit of Chasing Lockets but also I value the friendships I've made with Lukas, Suzy, and the Chasing Locket community."


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